Ice Cream & Brothels

Women and men/boys of all ages enter prostitution for a number of complex reasons. There are a wide range of both cultural and individual perspectives on the rights of women to pursue this vocation.  The Mission Worldwide works in several locations to locate and investigate cases involving minors that may be working in prostitution.

We enter these establishments with an agenda to love, and to build life-giving relationships with these vulnerable women. This approach has allowed us to reach the lives of many, and in some cases, bring them enough courage to step away from the darkness of the sex trade. Every year we hold a “beauty banquet” to celebrate the lives, and beauty of these precious women. Our team all work very closely together to work toward freedom, and healing for these women and children.

We are a bridge for rescued survivors of sex trafficking, giving them an opportunity of a new life. We aim to see women, men and children rescued from brothels and given a new freedom in their lives by providing them with further education, jobs, and through partnerships with NGO’s, colleges and local businesses. By partnering with us you are helping to provide a new life away from the terrors of trafficking and sexual abuse. This is by no means a quick process. Freedom is a walk we commit to walk with each survivor for as long as they need us. Their freedom comes through your voice & action of support today!