Children’s Day Centres

We currently have three incredible centres between our two bases that are located in impoverished slum areas In addition we run a project with children who live on the streets. In our day centres we work hard to create a safe place for the children who come to spend their day away from the dangers of their everyday life. At our children’s day centres we provide them with a safe, fun and creative place to stay during the day. There is also a place for them to have a shower and each child is given healthy snacks that are carefully prepared by our staff.  During their time at our centres we invest in relationship with the children and their families and through this process we have built trust. This has been crucial to help uncover abuse and provide necessary help and assistance. We believe that children deserve to have space just to be children and we encourage this through play, art and sports. Our social work team also provide one to one support for children who have experienced abuse and trauma.

Children living on the streets and slums are especially vulnerable to being targeted by sexual predators. Families are so impoverished that many parents see selling their children to the sex trade as their only option to get money to feed themselves and the rest of their families.  We came across a case were Sandra (not her real name) sold an 18-month-old baby to a Westerner for a week for only $25  (That’s the equivalent of £17.50).

We purposefully make our children’s day centres as beautiful and fun as we can. The kids love to sing, play games and sports. It’s amazing to hear them laugh as they experience a taste of the carefree childhood each of them deserve.

We have been successful in rescuing and rehoming many families in the communities we work with. We class our centres as a successful victim focused approach, seeing them go from surviving to thriving!