Family Development

We make relationship in the community a priority, enabling us to see the real needs of the families we work with more quickly. We work with families and authorities to assess ways to train and protect vulnerable individuals and families. With growing NGO partnerships we are able to extend our reach even further, playing a key part in breaking the cycle of poverty for these families, and impacting the lives of many.

Intel on trafficked children usually comes from a member of the community who is concerned with something they have observed or heard. Whilst undercover observations are required there is nothing which can be compared to earning another persons trust. That is why we position ourselves amongst the families so that the vulnerable can reach out in their time of need. Trust is important in each of our lives, none more than the innocent children we protect. When we come across a case we have a team of social workers that then work closely with the family and victim.

Be part of their lives today and help protect an at risk child.