Soccer Program
In 2018 soccer programmes were started in two of our bases with youths aged 11-19. As these young men transitioned from our day centres it was clear they needed continuing support from our teams as they were being faced with crucial life decisions that would impact their futures.  We wanted to offer them a safe space away from the pressures of the environments they live in, a space they could feel free to be themselves, release their emotions in a healthy way and seek guidance in the decisions that face them.  Gang activities, drug use, risk of involvement in trafficking and dropping out of school are just some of the choices they have before them.  Soccer is a way for us to continue to build relationship with our youth so we can help them make better choices for their lives in the face of difficult circumstances and hopelessness. The soccer programme has also provided a pathway for boys to enter our Strong Roots Vocational Programme as they start to dream about what they want to do in the future.