Sustainable Business

The Mission Worldwide is passionate about finding creative business ideas to sustain its projects. In 2018 Nokor Creations opened and so our first sustainable and ethical business venture was born. Nokor Creations has opened its doors in the beautiful capital city Phnom Penh to help support our Ice Cream and Brothels Outreach.

Nokor Creations is a business and a vocational training centre established to empower women. At Nokor we work to empower and educate individuals and communities by teaching skills that break the cycles of poverty which often lead people in to undesirable places of employment.

Nokor aims to empower women to live a new life with a career that they are proud of by creating unique, individual and limited pieces that tell a story.

We create our own unique handmade sets using a modern clay with an ancient glass-working technique called cane-work. We pay our staff well to enable them to leave the life they were once living. As a business we sponsor their children to stay in school and have a great education. Empowering the next generation is important to us too.

We hope you enjoy wearing our jewellery knowing that you are helping empower women helping to give them a sustainable income.

In the future we will expand Nokor Creations to include handmade candles and soaps.

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